About the Author…

Jackie Wells-Fauth is a high school English and Drama teacher who is in love with her home state of South Dakota!

Jackie with her husband, Roy

Jackie with her husband, Roy

She and her husband, Roy, live in rural, East-River South Dakota, but frequently travel to see their two daughters and their husbands Stefanie and Marty, Tracie and Charles; and their two grandsons, Royce and Arthur. Jackie enjoys writing novels that are waiting to be published, doing crafts and reading, reading, reading!  In addition to reading and writing, Jackie is an accomplished speaker – storytelling is truly her passion, whether written or spoken!

Jackie kept an award-winning humorous column in the newspaper for 28 years before making the leap to blogs.  She plans to publish columns on Mondays, so follow her and keep up with the latest follies of this humorous writer!

3 responses to “About the Author…

  1. Karma Schiltz

    And she wrote and directed many wonderful plays for her high school students! She made it so fun for them.

  2. Taylor sprecher

    Shes the best Teacher!!

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