Aging gracefully

I have been writing columns, blogs, stories, etc., since I was 32 years old. I started when my younger daughter was born when I was hired as a sports writer for the Mobridge Tribune. If you are done laughing now, I will admit that as a sports writer I wasn’t too savvy. I had a lot of trouble telling a fish story from a football stat, but nonetheless, I wrote sports for a year.

After that, they moved me into features and editorials, and I was a little better at that. It was a long road for me, but the thing that always remained the same was that I wrote an article every week that entirely featured my big mouth and whatever I chose to comment on that week. For me, that was a dream job!

Because I am now…a great many years older than 32, I recently started cataloging the many thousands of editorials which began as Fauth’s Fumbles and evolved into Wells’ Wisdom and went online as Drops in the Well.

These articles are like a personal history of my life over the past thirty years. I feel like Captain Kirk on Star Trek: Captain’s Log, Stardate, I turned another year older and deeper in debt. Film at eleven.

There is something a little unnerving about reading your life’s story; complaining at age 33 about how old I was getting (someone should have slapped my very young and ignorant face), reliving the moments in my daughters’ lives from potty-training to prom debacles–they loved that, I can tell you! Then, there is my husband, a very private man, who frequently locks himself in the bathroom to read my column, hoping there is nothing in there about him!

I remember the day he chopped a whole in the basement floor to put in a sump hole. He was standing in a basement closet, in about two inches of water, holding a sledge hammer and drenched in a thick layer of concrete-thickened filthy water, when he looked up at me and pointed the sledge hammer in my direction and said, “Whatever happens, don’t write about this in your column.”

I didn’t know if the hammer was a threat, but I never wrote about the incident…oh, except for now. It’s all right, though, because he can’t carry the computer in the bathroom, so he’ll never know…and don’t you tell him!

I’m not sure there is a real point to this, except for the observation that we all grow older; we live our lives day by day and mostly we just try to get through. It’s only as we get further along that we look back and realize, just like George Bailey, that life is actually pretty wonderful…in spite of potty training, prom drama and flooded basements.

As for the aging gracefully, I don’t really know what that means. But it sure sounds like something I’d like to think I’m doing…clear back from when I was 32, and all written down in black and white. Computer, end Captain’s Log, Stardate 7-31-2020.

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