And so it begins…

Okay, okay, so I’m a little late with my New Year’s Resolution. I resolved a lot of things in January and I haven’t done as well with them as I wanted. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up, though. On the contrary, as the year rolls down, I resolve more than ever to work at my “less is more” event.

I’ve decided that the best way to achieve any success with my resolution, is to give it a day-by-day evaluation. Since we don’t do nearly as well on our own, I will go public with my year’s evolution. I warn you, some days will be darned boring, but I plan to go forward with my plans anyway. If you wonder how I’m doing so far, you should know that I resolved to start this blog on Dec. 1…so much for less procrastination!

I plan to analyze my own philosophy on a lot of things, but it isn’t my plan to excuse my own beliefs to satisfy someone else. I know a lot of people out there, both Democrat and Republican, would not appreciate my political ideas. In addition, my religious views don’t coincide with many people. I used to call myself an agnostic, but after looking at a thorough definition of that idea, I realize that I’m just a rather “homeless believer.” I have compelling evidence of the existence of an active God and on my lucid and calm days, I feel the presence of Jesus the Savior, who is my brother as well as my lord. I’m jealous of people like my husband and my daugher, who have foundation in their faith, but it will take some  doing for me to achieve connection with a particular church. I’ve always been okay with this, but I think if you want to know me at all, you must know these things about me.

I heard a man speak today about a hunting trip he took to northern Canada to hunt caribou. I felt compelled to ask him why he undertook such a trip, as he admitted his age had made it difficult. I expected him to say that he had always wanted to shoot a caribou, but that’s not his answer. “I wanted to watch the migration of those mighty herds,” he answered, “I think that would be an awesome sight.” 

How much I understood this! I’ve sat in a chair on the front porch of Jefferson Davis’s home in Biloxi, Miss. It wasn’t because I was so anxious to spend time in the home of the only Confederate president, but because the view of the Gulf of Mexico from his front porch was the beautiful in the world. Our motivations aren’t always what they seem and yet they satisfy something inside of us.

It was a high point of my day to be able to see my grandsons and their parents on Skype. I had to laugh, though, when I realized that two-year-old Royce has begun to associate his grandmother with particular things. During the summer, we sang a lot of “Head, shoulders, knees and toes.” Since then, I have reminded him of the song by repeated singing and acting out. Tonight, as soon as he saw me on Skype, he grinned and grabbed his head immediately as though to say, “Okay, Grandma, here’s my head; now get off my back!”

I’m not sure I’m making any sense here at the beginning of my blogging journey, but I’m hoping all my thoughts will come together. I think my goal is self-improvement, but that’s really just a disguise. If I can improve my attitude, my habits and my relationships, I’m working towards being an even happier person than I am. And that’s a goal I can truely focus on!


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2 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. I enjoy the term “homeless believer” to describe yourself as non-denominational. I sometimes feel as though I”m homeless in my faith as it’s radically different from so many. It’s important to remember that even though you might not feel at home in a church, you are not homeless as a believer – it just maybe doesn’t look like what other people tell you it should, You have a faith home in your heart, and that’s what is important.:)

  2. And Royce’s showing you his head for the song is out of delight at seeing his Grandma in the computer – he jumped in the air when he first saw your face on the screen!

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