Day two was pretty calm…hope that’s a trend

Two days of blogging in a row when I haven’t traveled anywhere is some sort of record for me. I vowed there would be less eating and more healthful action. Half of that was done today. I was able to resist some of my usual food triggers. Now for the healthful action…yeah, that hasn’t gone so well. The most exercise I got today was going up and down the stairs to do laundry.

School was busy and I do enjoy what I do, but right now, I would prefer to be doing more writing. The closest I’m coming to that lately, however, is when I do this blog.

I love to look at Christmas lights. I put up a Christmas tree for no other reason. I wouldn’t need the ornaments at all, as long as the lights were plentiful and multicolored. Somehow, those lights make me smile; it’s a compensation for the days going dark so early. I think that’s why I’m so melancholy when the lights come down. But for now, I just turn off the room lights, kick back and grin from ear to ear at all those lights.

You understand, they really have very little to do with the point of the Christmas season, but they are a nice candle in the night during the winter days. Sometimes, I admit, I deliberately go to bed and leave them on, but I find all too often that they stimulate my mind too much and I can’t sleep in their glow.  It’s well-worth the loss, however; except at 2:30 the next afternoon, of course!

The high point of the day today was a nice, quiet lunch in my classroom. That might not seem like much of a high point to you, but a few quiet minutes in the middle of my hectic day is a welcome respite.

I’m going to start searching the days for two things in my plan of self-improvement: Both things involve time. I need time for a little (light) exercise and I need time for the characters of my books. They visit me in dreams if I don’t spend time with them in the day. I truly love them and unless I pay attention, they may never make it into print.

Day two and I’m most satisfied!


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