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Following the fashion…after a fashion.

Nothing is more depressing for me than to go shopping for clothes. It’s not just a matter of not having the body for the fashions…I also have no fashion sense. I just can’t visualize how something on a hanger is going to look on me. Hence, I have been known to make some…oh, let’s call them “fashion faux paux”

The first thing you will notice when you go clothes shopping today is that the small, petite and medium sizes are pretty cute, but the large, extra-large, and candidate-for-a-tent sizes never look all that attractive. If I’m already of a rather large size, why would I want bright orange flowers pasted across my belly or worse, my backend? Give me the delicate and dainty pink rosebuds you put on the small dress, please!

On a recent trip through the latest summer fashions, I noticed an alarming trend. I found a beautiful pattern of a dress and it even had larger sizes, but it left my back almost entirely open. I do not plan to show off my back…I have moles, skin tags and back acne which make it necessary to keep my back covered…so crowds of disgusted people don’t gather.

Moving along, I found some beautiful tops, several colors and mostly my size. They covered my back and left my shoulders completely uncovered. No can do: my shoulders belong in football pads and they are not enhanced by sticking out of the sides of my blouse. Another problem.

The prettiest pattern in the dresses was one that hung long on one side, but came up above the knee on the other side. Now, my legs are not a thing of beauty and putting me in a dress which shows them off at a slant might make the observer wonder if he had been drinking…or if he should start!

Next, I found some beautiful dresses and jackets. They fit well and they covered all the right spots. Good, I found something, you’re thinking? You would be wrong. While the dresses were a nice, sedate pattern, the jackets were bright tangerine. All I could think when I looked at these suits was that no one at sea would need a signal flag. They could see me for miles!

I sorted through pants with rips already in them (I make enough of my own, thank you), blouses with chains and beads for a neckline (ow), and beautiful prints that were much too small. And while I looked, I began to get a wonderful idea…what if I started to design my own line of clothes????? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Okay, so put your imagination in gear: I would design a dress that was slimming, but didn’t hug my multiple fat rolls, all colors would be tan, khaki or the ever-popular grey. The clothes would cover my neck (too many wrinkles), my shoulders, my back, and my legs. Oh, also, it would have to cover my arms, my wrists and my ankles. The picture this brings to my mind is a kind of a quiet, unimaginative, institution kind of garment that made have been popular at the end of the last century!

I suppose it’s too much to hope that this kind of garment exists anywhere in the stores, so there is only one solution. I will have to start sewing my own fashions. Yes, that is the answer. Now, does anyone know where I could locate a bathing suit pattern with skirts, bloomers and sleeves????

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Because Every Lucy Must Have Her Ethel…

Everyone has at least one of them. That person, the one person with whom you can be in the worst situation with and you can turn to them and say, “Don’t worry, once we get out of this, I’ve got an even better idea,” and they are with you! Lucy had her Ethel for these things and I have Diane.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Diane and I are not out there, doing illegal things, trying to get on to “Ricky’s show” or something, but we do have a great deal of fun with the adventures we do concoct.

Although Diane is my cousin, I really don’t remember us growing up together. I began spending time with Diane when I was in college. She was in the midst of raising three little boys, I was getting my college degree and not enjoying the experience. Until I began spending time at Diane’s house. Those are some of my fondest memories of my years in college. We could talk about anything, laugh at what her boys were doing and dream of how we would be in the future.

Diane saw me through romances,  my wedding, my first child; she was always there and she always seemed a little smarter than me(which I believe she is). She was always the voice behind when I concocted wild ideas. It was never, “No, you can’t do that.” It was more like, “Well, okay, we’ll do it that way if you want, but maybe we should try….” Definitely, she was the Ethel voice of reason behind my Lucy wild ideas.

Jackie and her Cousin Diane

Jackie and her Cousin Diane

Then, it was time for Diane and her family to move on and have their own adventures. I thought perhaps our friendship would fade, but happily, I was wrong. We spent hours on the phone—not every day—but often enough. We would have each other rolling on the floor with our descriptions of the things going on in our lives. So many nights I would crawl into bed late, my sides aching with laughter and a smile on my face from our conversations.

Children, careers and grandchildren take up so much of our time these days, but nothing wipes out this friendship. We don’t get together as often as we should and frequently when we do, it’s to go shopping. Diane should have been a designer with her artistic eye. She can put an outfit together and make it look good on me faster than anyone I’ve ever met.

I’m sure we’re quite a sight in the stores, with Diane flitting on ahead, giving her infectious chuckle as she exclaims, “Oooh! Look at this! Look at these skirts..oh boy, the clearance rack!” I’ll be dragging along behind going, “No, Diane, stop looking, I can’t buy any more…ooo! Where did you find that; it’s gorgeous!”

I imagine that Diane and I will remain friends until we’re little old ladies, shopping for dentures and hearing aids and good back braces together. Whatever we find, though, as long as I let my “Ethel” do the choosing, this “Lucy” will be one fine-looking old lady!

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